Literature of the Bible RSS feed for public list Literature of the Bible Esther : by Andrews, Gini. Miriam / by Andrews, Mesu, Gods & kings : by Austin, Lynn N. Merari : by Bremkamp, Gloria Howe. Mary of Jerusalem / by Bremkamp, Gloria Howe. The weeping chamber / by Brouwer, Sigmund, Rachel & Leah : by Card, Orson Scott. Marcus : by Chinn, Laurene Chambers. Dismas, the good thief; by Clark, Herbert R. Caleb Maccabee : by Davis, George T. B. A.D. 30 : by Dekker, Ted, Swords against Carthage. by Donauer, Friedrich. Bathsheba : by Dorr, Roberta Kells. The Big Fisherman. by Douglas, Lloyd C. The robe / by Douglas, Lloyd C. Agrippa's daughter / by Fast, Howard, My glorious brothers / by Fast, Howard, The prophet statesman : by Graham, James R. Lydia: a novel/ by Henderson, Lois T. The shadow women / by Hunt, Angela Elwell, Barabbas / by Lagerkvist, P�r, The tomb : by Landsem, Stephanie, The well : by Landsem, Stephanie. The Thief : by Landsem, Stephanie. Justus by Lapham, Arthur L. Iscariot : by Lee, Tosca Moon. The legend of Sheba : by Lee, Tosca Moon. Pontius Pilate : by Maier, Paul L. Pilate's wife / by May, Antoinette. Song of the Magdalene / by Napoli, Donna Jo, Hannibal's elephants; by Powers, Alfred. Christ the Lord : by Rice, Anne, A lineage of grace : by Rivers, Francine, Sons of Encouragement by Rivers, Francine, A voice in the wind / by Rivers, Francine, Who came by night. by Roland, Nicholas. Quo vadis / by Sienkiewicz, Henryk, David, warrior and king, by Slaughter, Frank Gill. The bronze bow. by Speare, Elizabeth George. The people and the promise. by Synge, Ursula, Hadassah : by Tenney, Tommy, First light / by Thoene, Bodie, Ben-Hur. by Wallace, Lew, The testament of Theophilus; by Wibberley, Leonard,